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4 Pound Cheese & Sausage in Vintage Wooden Box

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Includes one pound blocks of Mild Cheddar and Monterey Jack AND one 8 oz. block each of Jalapeño Cheddar, Garlic-Dill-Onion Jack, Smoked Cheddar and Green Olive, PLUS one Summer Sausage Roll and a box of Snack Crackers. *meat can only be shipped in Michigan

This box contains the following:

  • 1 lb. Mild Cheddar
  • 1 lb. Monterey Jack
  • 4 eight oz. blocks of Jalapeno cheddar, Garlic Dill and Onion, Smoked Cheddar, and Green Olive
  • 1 Summer Sausage Roll
  • 1 box of Snack Crackers


*meat can only be shipped in Michigan