School Trips to Country Dairy

About our School Tours

A school tour at Country Dairy is like no other. Not only do we have cows, heifers, and calves for the children to see and pet, but we also have a manufacturing plant to see where we bottle our milk. That means that Country Dairy can help reinforce the Michigan education standards through both agriculture and manufacturing all in one tour!

It is our goal to supply your class with a fun-filled learning environment while on your tour. Country Dairy provides a variety of ways to learn, from film to hands-on activities. And don’t forget that the children get a wagon ride pulled by our nostalgic vintage tractor. Come visit us soon!!

Times Available

We don’t have set times, but instead, we try to work around your schedule. We book on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to be sure to get your date, be sure to book early.

The Details

You will receive a guided tour of a working dairy farm and milk processing facility. Your tour will begin at our Visitor Center, the Moo School. Here you will be able to learn about the history of Country Dairy, dairy farming, and the dairy industry.

Next you will take our tour wagon where on your tour, you will be able to see our cows, how they are milked, and how milk is bottled.

At the close of your tour, your class will sample our famous Premium Chocolate Milk and something we call “Moochies” (cheddar cheese curds). For those classes that pay the extra $1.00, you will also get a sample cone of our premium vanilla soft-serve ice cream! Can you say “Yummy!”?

We are looking forward to sharing our farm with you and your class. Come and visit us soon!! Please call our tour line at (231) 861 4636 ×119 to set up a tour. Thanks!

Tour Prices

School Groups: $2.75 / per person (including teachers and parents)
Add a cone for an extra $1.00: $3.75 / per person

How to Arrange Your Tour

To arrange a tour, call or email us.

Call: (231) 861-4636 ext. 119

Please call or email to confirm availability.

Country Dairy Activities

Moo School

Enroll in the Moo School and learn about dairy history, dairy farming, and the dairy industry through a video, interactive games, and displays.

Bottling Plant

Tour our bottling plant and see where our milk is bottled.

Show Barn

Visit our show barn and learn about cows. You will get to see our hundred best Holsteins in our registered herd.

Farm Store & Deli

Conclude your tour with a sample of Moochies and milk. Afterward have a great meal and top it off with a premium Ice Cream cone before you do a little shopping in our Farm Store.

Our Products

Country Dairy products begin with growing high quality feed and the cows are rBST (synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone) free.

Additional Photos

Cows in the Show Barn

Inside the Farm Store

Kids petting a red Holstein Calf

Boy feeding a calf

A girl feeding a calf

Daddy petting a calf

making ice cream the old fashioned way

Jake giving a plant tour

our vintage Farmall Tractor

Eating Ice Cream!!