Moogle Report

Posted May 09, 2013 News & Notes, Photo Galleries,

Another Update on Moogle

Moogle is growing fast. At 7 weeks old she is weighing in at about 180 pounds! She has just started the weaning process. She now gets her milk in the morning only. She misses her afternoon milk bottle and is happy to suck on your fingers in search of more milk. In a few weeks she will no longer get any milk in her diet. She has started eating a special grain mix that will help her to make the transition to a solid food-only diet. Cows have a very complex digestive system with 4 stomachs. A drastic change in their diet could make them very sick. They need to fully develop their 1st stomach-the Rumen, before they can eat a solid food-only diet. Soon, Moogle will be moving into a larger group of calves where she will eat mostly hay (dried grass/alfalfa). She and the rest of the calves enjoyed saying hi to the folks from Covenant Christian School of Ludington, today. We hope you can come on out to the farm for a tour this summer and see Moogle for yourself.

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