Dairy Myth 3

Posted Jun 25, 2010 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Here's a question or comment that comes up fairly frequently when people find out I work on a dairy farm.

Myth 3: People with lactose intolerance should avoid dairy foods.
Fact: Lactose intolerance is often confused with milk allergies. Lactose intolerance is not an allergic reaction to dairy foods. Rather it is the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose. Lactose-free milk and yogurt are good alternatives to drinking milk for people that are lactose intolerant. Aged cheeses such as Cheddar and Swiss are also low in lactose. Many people with lactose intolerance can drink up to 1 cup of milk daily without problems (Miller, G.D., Jarvis, J.K. and McBean, L.D. 2000. Handbook of dairy foods and nutrition. 3rd ed. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.
NHS (Nurses Health Study). 1990. Harvard Medical School.).

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