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Dairy Myth 2

Posted May 13, 2010 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

I've never heard this question before, but found it interesting because I have talked to vegans who think eating vegetables gives you enough calcium.

Myth 2: Spinach is as good a source of calcium as milk. FACT: There is more calcium in 1 cup of milk than there is in 16 cups of spinach. One will need to eat more than 48 cups of spinach to get the recommended daily intake of calcium (USDA, 2010). Furthermore, milk contains Vitamin D which enhances calcium absorption (Wasserman, R.H. 2004. Vitamin D and the dual process of intestinal calcium absorption. Journal of Nutrition 134: 3137-3139.

Dispelling Dairy Myths

Posted Apr 23, 2010 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Myth Series

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to comment on some of the myths about dairy foods. As I looked at some of these, it was interesting because I get asked these questions often when I’m talking about dairy. MYTH NUMBER 1: Consuming diary products can lead to weight gain. FACT: Weight gain occurs when one consumes more calories than the body can burn as energy. Contrary to this common myth, research both in animals and humans suggest that including three servings of low fat dairy foods in a calorie controlled diet may help greater weight loss— that’s right weight loss! Clinical trials have also shown a strong correlation between calcium intake and reduced body weight, body fat percentage and waist size! (Zemel, M. 2005. Role of dairy foods in weight management. JACN 24(6) 537S-546S.)


Photo: Free Milk???? Is it true????

Posted Jan 06, 2010 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Come to the Country Dairy Farm Store and pick up a free milk punch card! Buy 10 gallons of WHITE MILK from the Farm Store and get your eleventh gallon free! This offer will last through May 31, 2010. Hurry on in to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Free Milk???? Is it true????

Photo: Online Store is operational!

Posted Dec 16, 2009 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Check out our online store, it is now operating and ready to be used! Be sure to order your last minute cheese boxes for those special Christmas gifts! We have a few cool offerings as well that includes our summer sausage. Be sure to check it out!

Online Store is operational!

Photo: Egg Nog is here!

Posted Nov 20, 2009 News & Notes, Farm Store News, Promotions,

Country Dairy Egg Nog is now available! Come in and get your seasonal treat. We are also selling Egg Nog shakes in the Farm Store.

Egg Nog is here!

Gingerbread House!

Posted Nov 19, 2009 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Come to Country Dairy on Saturday December 5 at 10am to make your own Gingerbread house. Sign up quick, space is limited!

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With the expert help and guidance of the cake decorator from Morat’s Old Tiffany Bake Shop, create your very own gingerbread house to take home and enjoy this holiday season! Please call 861-4636 ×118 to reserve your spot, space is limited and payment/sign-up deadline is December 1. Cost is $5 per Gingerbread House.

Included with your $5 registration: *Additional crafts for kids *Wagon Ride (weather permitting) *Free Samples of Egg Nog *Gifts, cookies, chocolates and other items for sale from Morat’s Bakery *Pre-buy your Country Dairy Cheese Box, or design your own Cheese Gift Basket

Country Dairy Reminders

Posted Oct 23, 2009 News & Notes, Farm Store News,

Two reminders-- Christmas Season is coming up, remember to order your cheese-boxes, call 231 861-4636 x118! Second, soon you should be able to do this at our online store. We should be up and running with our store very soon, keep posted.

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