Here’s a classroom enjoying their time at Country Dairy!

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What’s Your Thing?

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Here's the West Michigan Tourist Association's new video, "What's Your Thing?" See if you can find any Country Dairy photos in it.

Ice Cream Social 12

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Be sure to come out on July 2, 2011 from 11am to 5pm, for our annual Ice Cream Social. There will be food, tours, wagon rides, and of course lots of Country Dairy Ice Cream! We are also celebrating our farm's Centennial this year; our farm has been in the same family for over 100 years! Thus, we will also have an historical area. Come visit our family farm!

Spring Dairy Air

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In the spring time there is often an odor in rural areas. Folks often inquire as to what that might be. It is simply clean-up time and manure spreading time. Here's a fun video that explains that process from a farmers perspective.

Maui—A New Calf

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Many of the local children in West Michigan are following the story of Maui through Kidsville News. I thought this might be interesting for other people as well.

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Here’s the first installment with some pictures:
Calf Report 1

With this article, we are going to begin the “Calf Report”. We have picked one of our newborn Country Dairy heifer (girl) calves to watch her grow over the next year. Therefore, let me introduce you to “Maui”. Maui’s full name is “View-Home Time Maui” but that’s quite a mouthful to say, so we just call her “Maui”. She was born on January 8, 2011 to Mae, one of our best cows, and Klassic Big Time (Time) who is a very excellent bull (daddy).
What makes her mother one of our best cows? As you can see from the picture, Mae is very beautiful cow! She has good body conformation. That means that her body is shaped right in order to produce a lot of good tasty milk over her lifetime. Maui is Mae’s third baby. With her first two babies, Mae averaged making over 10 gallons of milk a day! Mae also has a high butter-fat and protein content in her milk. Those two milk ingredients are important because these are used for making butter, ice cream, and cheese!
Maui’s father, Time, is a young bull. However, Time comes from some great parents who are known for making lots of high butter-fat milk and producing daughters with good body conformation. These two things are important because we need good milk and good cows that make milk for a long time.
Because Maui comes from such great parents, Country Dairy expects her to grow into an excellent cow someday. It is important for us to take good care of Maui and our other calves. One of the most important things we do is feed them. You can see that one of the pictures shows Maui enjoying one of her first bottles of milk. Have a good time on the journey with us over the next few months as we watch this baby grow into a heifer.

Dairy Myth 6

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Here's another Dairy Myth

Dairy Myth 6: If you take calcium supplements you don’t need milk.

Fact: Milk isn’t only a good source of calcium but it also provides other high quality nutrients such as high quality protein, Vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin,; zinc; potassium and magnesium.

Fermented dairy foods such as yogurt also serve as an excellent carrier of probiotic organisms and prebiotics, which are important for gastrointestinal health. Taking supplements does not provide the enjoyment of drinking a cold glass of milk; pouring cold milk on a bowl of cereal for breakfast; eating a creamy delicious bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day; or enjoying the pleasure of a creamy cheese sauce on nachos, or melted cheese slices on a hamburger! (Zey Ustunol, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition. April 2010 Michigan Dairy Review)

Holiday Shakes on Take 5

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Mixin' up shakes on WZZM's Take 5

Holiday Drink Recipe 3

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Pumpkin Shake

4 C. Country Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream
2 cups Country Dairy Vit. D milk
1 cup Pumpkin Pie filling

Process all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add a dollop of whip cream on each glass and serve.

Holiday Drink Recipe 2

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Mocha-Mint Shake

4 cups Country Dairy vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 cups Country Dairy Vit. D milk
1/4 tsp. peppermint extract
1 Tbs. instant coffee granules
2 Tbs. chocolate syrup

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Top with whipped cream. Serve.

Makes 4 servings.

Holiday Drink Recipe

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Grandma Eekhoff's Gingerbread Shake

1/4 gal. (half of a container) Country Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream
2 cups. Country Dairy Vit. D milk
1/3 C. molasses
1 Tbs. Ground Ginger
1 tsp. All Spice
1 tsp. ground clove
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend thoroughly. Pour into a holiday glass and dollop Whipped cream on top, sprinkle with nutmeg and a gingerbread cookie. Serve and drink.

Serves 4-6